The  Acme Orchidarium provides ideal growing conditions for even the most challenging species, and you can count on full technical support when you purchase one. I'll personally answer your questions on plant environment, hardware, software,  and orchid growing in general - before, during, and after your purchase.

Call: 973.627.5906 Monday - Saturday 9:30 am -5:30pm EST

MODEL: 3636

36" x 36" x 24" deep growing area.


• 36 inch tall base cabinet

• 220 watt full spectrum HO fluorescent lighting

• 11 nozzle watering system with pump and

   ten gallon water tank

• 2 circulating fans

• 1 exhaust fan

• Evaporative cooler air intake

• Cedar step bench and screen frames

• ECOZONE  controller with temperature and

  humidity probe 

• Internet connectivity

•  Over flow reservoir

• Fully programmable environment

My name is Michael Leone, I started  growing orchids  in the 1980s,  specializing  in the fussy oxyglosum dendrobium section from Papua New Guinea. Tired of the rising costs of heating a greenhouse,  created the Acme Orchidarium™. 

I merged my passion for orchids with my profession.

I am a  industrial prototype engineer and manufacturer with over 30 years experience.

I own a fabricating shop in Rockaway, NJ,, where we design, engineer and build industrial prototypes for all industries. I put this knowledge and skill set to work and built the perfect orchidarium.

All Acme Orchidariumsare made in the USA with high quality materials

and equipment sourced from North American suppliers.