​​​All of the carefully chosen technological elements come together to create the ideal growing environments for orchids. 

The consistency of light, water, temperature and humidity provided by the automated system is the key to excellent results. 

All orchids benefit from day and night temperature swings of 15 -20 degrees. By carefully balancing the BTU gain from the lighting system

with periodic exhaust fans cycles, optimum fresh air exchange and day / night temperature differential is achieved.

Where does the water come from?

A 10 or 20 gallon water tank is housed in the base cabinet  and connects to the diaphragm pump and misting system.

What kind of water should I use?

We recommend using only rain water or Reverse Osmosis water.  A simple way to collect rain water is to use a rain barrel on your down spout.  RO systems are available at a reasonable cost from many suppliers.

How often should I change the cooling pads?

About every 3-4 months to maintain optimum performance.  Contact mike@pontemodels.com for replacement pads.

How do I fertilize?

Use your favorite high quality CAL-MAG water soluble fertilizer added to the water tank to a concentration of  120-220 ppm TDS.

How often should I change the light bulbs?

The bulbs typically maintain full output and spectrum throughout their expected two year life. Replace when they burn out.

Are custom sizes or options available?
Yes, contact  mike@pontemodels.com with your request.

​frequently asked questions

• Day / Night thermostatic control

• 120 CFM super quiet needle bearing fan

• Evaporative cooling pads humidify and cool intake air.

• Digital temperature probes continuously feed data

   back to the ECOZONE controller  


• Model 3636 fitted with 11 misting nozzels

• Model 3648 fitted with 16 misting nozzles.

• High quality fully directional nozzles for full

   coverage or specific watering zones.

• 125 PSI diaphragm pump

• 10 or 20 gallon molded polypropylene water tank.

​​• 55 or 96 watt 4 pin power compact fluorescent bulbs

• Innovative design - mirror polished reflectors increase

   lighting efficiency by 60%. Maximizing lumen output

   while saving electricity.

• Bulbs available in 5500K  and 6700K for optimum

  growth and flowering performance

• High efficiency solid state electronic ballasts.